Two ways to reset Windows 7 login password


So, you were about to do something important on your PC but when you tried to enter the password, you get a pop message that says “Incorrect Password”. You tried all password that you could possibly remember, tried every combination of letters and numbers and yet no success. This can be a really frustrating moment if you need to use the computer immediately. You may try to install Windows 7 again but this will only damage your computer more as it will remove all the data from your primary disk including all the software you installed on your PC.

First, you need calm down and stop having those little panic attacks. Even if you forget your Windows 7 login password then also you can reset it in no time. In this short tutorial, we will show you the easiest way to reset Windows 7 login password.

Method 1: Reset Windows 7 Password using Guest Account.

If you are using Windows 7 operating system then there’s always an option to log into your PC using the guest account which usually requires no password to log in. So, we will use that account to set up a new password for your main admin account. Learn how to do that using the following steps.

Step 1.  Click on Start and open run.

Step 2. Type “CMD” and press enter. This will open the command prompt window on your PC.

Step 3.  Type “Net user” and press enter.

Step 4. Now, you will be able to see all the user accounts available on the computer.

Step 5. Type “net user myname mynewpassword” (where “myname” is the username for which you are changing the password & “mynewpassword” is the new password you are setting up for the account)

Step 6. Press enter and you will get the message “The command completed successfully”.

Step 7. Now you can log into your computer using the new password.

Now, this method may not work with latest versions of Windows or if the admin privileges are not available from the guest account. In that scenario, you will have to use a third party software to reset the password of your account.

Method 2: Reset Windows 7 Password using UUkeys Password Mate.

UUkeys Windows Password Mate is a desktop software professionally designed to reset login password of Windows 7. You can also reset passwords of local accounts or main admin accounts using this software. Let us explain the key features of this software so that you can understand it better.

Benefits of using UUkeys Password Mate:

  1. Reset or remove Windows Admin or Local user login password.
  2. Supported in all Windows version including Windows 10, 8, 8.1, XP, 2000 and so on.
  3. Works in all kind of brands and all kind of hard drives.
  4. Lifetime free upgrade.
  5. Dedicated support staff to assist you at your earliest convenience.

Reset Windows 7 Password using UUkeys Password Mate:

Preparations Required:

  1. A different working computer or laptop.
  2. An empty USB flash drive or a writable CD/DVD.
  3. UUkeys Password Mate Software.
  4. Some patience

Step 1. Download and Launch UUkeys Password Mate

First, download the program from the official website and install it on your computer. Next, launch the software to see the main features of this tool.

Step 2. Insert an empty USB Flash Drive.

Make sure to backup the files on your flash drive as this software will remove all data from it. Next, insert the USB flash drive and select it from the drop-down option. Then, click on “Burn USB” to start the burning of ISO image file into your USB flash drive. This may take some time, so wait patiently until it is finished.

Step 3. Reset Locked Windows 7 Password

Now, take the flash drive and insert it on the locked computer. Next, turn on the locked PC and keep pressing F11 key to enter into boot menu options. Select the flash drive that you just inserted and click enter. Now, the files will be loaded on the startup and you will be able to see the UUkeys Password Mate wizard on the display screen.

Choose the operating system that you are using and select the username for which you wish to change the password for. Next, click on “Reset Password” and wait few moments until the resetting process is done. As soon it is finished, click on “Reboot”. This will restart your PC and now you can enter into your system without any password at all.


In this short tutorial, we just demonstrated how to reset the password using command prompt and UUkeys password mate. There is much software available on the internet that promises to reset password but it is recommended to check their reviews before purchasing. You may consider using UUkeys password mate as it is tested and proven tool to reset any kind of Windows platform passwords.

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