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How 32.8 million Twitter Accounts got hacked

Millions of Twitter Accounts got Hacked!!

Recently we got a news that more than 32.8 million Twitter accounts were stolen/hacked. And those user credentials have been offered to Dark web for sale. Those leaked data are included username, password, and email in their searchable repository of compromised credentials. That information is offered at the cost of just 10 bit coins. Everything is reported by Leaked Source. You can visit here, though to check if your account got targeted/hacked by them.

Leaked Source got those data from a user addressed by “[email protected]”, who also had provided the website with credentials of other huge sites too. Adding up everything, Leaked Source got almost 2 billion searchable databases of stolen/hacked records!!

The thing you should notice about it is that Leaked Source mostly came from compromise users’ systems, but not much from Twitter breached the system. The Hackers managed to infect those users’ system with their malware to collect saved data from the browsers like Chrome and Mozilla which is used by most of the people. It was not a kind of a difficult task, as it used the plain text password saved in the browsers.

Twitter is too much confident about its security system too and assured that there were no security breaches in the site. They recently hired high-profile security and worked with other security systems. You can read a tweet of Michael Coats here.


Remember these things:

So, every Twitter user should be more cautious in their twitter activities. Moreover, twitter recommended using the two-factor authenticator with a combination of a strong password. And never reuse the same password on every website (especially social media sites). And yeah, we know that you human beings will find it little difficult to go with such security measures, but if you love your security more than get a habit of it.

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