About Us

Hey! Welcome to the About us page of our Site was created in June of 2016 for the purpose to learn while teaching others. With this formula the blog mostly dedicates to coding, the thing which most of the people are afraid of and We planned to reduce that number significantly by explaining every small program we make, in the simplest form.

This blog is run by 5 members, who are learning stuffs and gathering experience in this dynamic tech world. We are constantly learning new things and sharing those things with you, so that you don’t have to face the same problems, we did while tinkering with pieces of code and messing them up 😛 (we are humans too). We don’t teach a series of topic right now, But we plan to change it, in the near future. 🙂

Going through the Contents

Besides coding you will find several other tech related stuffs to enhance your tech world view. Grouping by categories you will find:

  • Informative articles on various computer topics
  • Must know comp-tech news
  • Few shots of gaming related things
  • Tutorials on programming and penetration testing
  • Computer hardware suggestions and uses
  • There is more if you want to explore.

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