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How your ATM PIN can be Stolen via Smart Watch

Never trust your or world’s future. People don’t invent perfect things, but everything ever invented has got a flaw. Likewise, every daily life devices are getting connected with Internet and it’s obvious that hackers will target that device. Everything connected to the internet is never hack-proof. The smart watches and the fitness trackers you wear is also connected to the internet. So there is always a threat roaming around you. And according to recent studies, it is found that such devices can be used to leak/steal your  ATM PIN code.  💳

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So, a smart watch or fitness tracker can’t be as secure as at least you thought. The thing helps to leak such information is the motion sensors that come with these devices. These sensors track your wrist movements and helps the hacker to guess your PIN with a lot of accuracy. They just have to sniff the data packets sent between the smart watch and the smartphone wirelessly. These are those body movement data, which are recorded and sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Moreover, they can just install a malware to your device. And this malware can automatically send the data to them (like anywhere in the world).  💸

Algorithm Accuracy

According to tests over 5,000 key entries were recorded just by 20 adults wearing such devices, which was conducted over 11 months. Those key entries include those from ATM PIN Keypad and Qwerty Keyboards. The algorithm that hackers used was about 80% accurate!! And could exceed 90%  of accuracy level on 3 tries!!!

These attacks are based on 12 key keypads though, as it works mainly for ATM PIN stealing.

Fitness Tracker

So, do you wear such devices while in ATM to enter your ATM PIN, or anywhere else where you enter your PINs, password and other private credentials??

If you do, then just try to avoid this and from next time don’t dare to wear a Fitness Tracker or a Smart watch if you care about your security. Or if you ever find it compulsory to wear such devices in some case, then use the other hand on which you haven’t worn the tracker. 💱


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