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How the New Riffle Defeats Tor’s Privacy

Communication Protocol Riffle Defeats Tor

Previously, many of you were using Tor for surfing and working anonymously. It’s true the Tor gave one of the most secure anonymous communication throughout the internet, but it’s also true that Tor has also a number of flaws in it. One of the greatest flaws in it is the Sybil Attack. In Sybil Attack the adversary nodes add enough of it to track the exchange of packets by the users. And here Tor is always under the eyes of the FBI and NSI like agencies. So, as a solution of this kind of flaws in Tor, a new anonymous system is introduced by the MIT branch and the  École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). This  new system is known as “Riffle” promises better privacy than the Tor. 🎃



The Riffle

Riffle has promised way better and secure protocol than the Tor. Though, Riffle still uses the Tor Onion Protocol for several encryption purposes. As Onion is still considered as one of the most secure protocols and the attacker has to break several layers of encryption to reach its content. Concerning about the Sybil Attack, Riffle uses the “verifiable shuffle” technique.

Actually, Riffle uses the best shuffling method in real, by shuffling the packets from a server. The packets/messages get fully in different order and with the highest encryption level to reach only to the valid receiver. Encryption process includes the signing of the messages from the individual servers through generated verifiable mathematical proofs. No attacker will be able to locate the right packet this way.

Every encryption is done through Riffle network itself, though Riffle uses a series of secure random Nodes.



After the main encryption method, communication works faster and can be way faster than Tor. File sharing may reach up to 100 KB/s with 100s of users.

Microblogging will be able to handle 100,000 of users under the latency of 10 seconds.

Though there is no downloadable version of Riffle for now. Moreover, there is no plan for its commercial use and replacement for the Tor won’t be there, though it’s better than Tor in many ways.

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