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What are those Facebook Privacy Notice? Hoax

I was shocked when I saw my friends sharing this kind of facebook privacy notice posts on facebook itself: 📅

Facebook privacy notice

As you can see that, they have written stuffs like they don’t give permission to Facebook to use their pictures, information (and so on). Moreover, there is a note saying that Facebook is a public entity and everyone should copy and post a similar note on their wall. Not only a few users, but many users followed that Note and posted according to it. Actually, it is nothing more than a Hoax and thousands of users are getting fooled by it. If you want to know the meaning of Hoax in real, then you can find it here. In short Hoax is a trick or false information to deceive people. And if you believe such Hoax, then  get it, that you are a fool. How can you trust them, if you have seen such Posts in past years/months but nothing happened. It’s just a Hoax made by individuals and has been spread by you fools. The truth is that Facebook never made such announcements and will never make in future. Because of this widespread Hoax,

Facebook made a page like this To stop Facebook Privacy Notice:

Facebook Dublink

And this proves that Facebook has never mad such announcement and those posts are only misleading you.

By just reading those Hoax, you may find it harmless. But if any similar, but malicious post gets widespread and more and more people do the things according to it, then it can lead millions of people into risk. And after a few months a widespread news will be there Highlighting the foolishness of such users. I know many of you as a Facebook user reads your friend’s post and trust everything there, but never tried to investigate the truth behind it. So, next time don’t do the same things as your friends will do in such matters. Instead, try to stop them on doing such silly things. 🙈

If you are really concerned about your privacy that much, then use the settings provided by Facebook. You can dig your Privacy Settings to get an ideal result.

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