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Top 5 Sites To Get Free Programming Courses

This article is going to list the most popular and pragmatic sites which gives you an opportunity to learn programming without spending any money. You will just have to spend some time and mind to get on with things, which is obviously needed to learn something in real. All the sites listed in this article have an environment to engage you in their programming courses easily, so that you learn to code and build things without wasting any extra potential.

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Why online programming courses? And Why we are finding free courses?

Let me explain the question, “Why online programming courses?” first. The question can also be read as “Why learning online via programming courses is a good choice?”. The question doesn’t look hard to answer, but I am not gonna answer it. I will point out the advantages of learning programming through online programming courses, so that you will get to know the answer by thinking about it.
So, here the advantages:

  • You are your own boss, and you will things according to your own choice,interest and time.
  • No one is gonna snub you for mistakes.
  • All the learning materials for programming/coding are right before you.
  • Online courses bring every material right before you, so that you don’t have to waste your time scraping the web for downloading or finding a tool.
  • Technically, there is no strict age requirement, hence, you can start them at any age.
  • It is much cheaper (or in cases free too) while learning online.
  • No wastage of physical resources.
  • Have communities with expert advisors to help you with problems.

Now I am sure, that you got your answer. And now let’s think about why to find a free course. The answer is simple, that you are saving bucks. Yes, if your priority is to learn only the stuff, but not the premium materials or certificates, then it is always good find a free alternative of courses. Though, it is not always possible, but you can always try to find one.

So, without wasting any phrases or time, let’s move on to the list. And yeah, in most of the sites you may have to register for an account, which is not a hard task though.

  1. UDACITY:udacity

    Major Topics:

    • Android
    • Data Science
    • Web Development
    • Artificial Intelligence

    The list was not meant to be end here. There are several other topics like Java, python and several other programming languages too. And it has non-tech courses too, which is all about understanding things around you while dealing with the tech world. They have premium programming courses too, which is known as Nano Degree programs there. The site is one of my favorite sites too. Going through the courses you will find many industrial, professional workers to guide you too. All the topics are explained by the instructors from very basics to an advanced level while going through several fun examples.

  2. edX:edx

    Major Topics:

    • Video Game Development
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Introduction to several Microsoft Tools
    • Graphics
    • Programming Languages
    • Android Development and Designing

    Well, every list in this article is just a short part of available courses there. So, obviously there are several other courses. In case of, the site doesn’t only focus on programming courses, but several other things related your daily life and other creative stuffs, so, if you wish to learn something as a short break from coding, you will get every kind of options and resources. Going to coding, there are almost you want to learn. The courses are provided by top computer science universities, so yeah, you will learn something great and guaranteed.

  3. Codecademy:codecademy

    Major Topics:

    • Web Development
    • Programming Languages
    • Data Analytics
    • APIs
    • Various Tools Learning

    This is for those who can learn things on their own with just path given to them. The courses are not video courses. You have to interact and build things and solve problems while learning the stuffs. This site teaches you like that only. So, it is not a bad way, but is an alternative and potential using way so that you gain the skills right away.

  4. KhanAcademy:khanacademy

    Major Topics:

    • Computer Programming
    • Algorithms
    • Cryptography
    • Hour of Code to Learn stuffs in 1 hour

    The user experience of the site is very huge. Beside these courses there are lots of activities too, which includes creating and working your own project, earning badges, creating your own class and much more. The whole is too much interactive and you can also learn subjects other computer science too. I won’t say more on this, as while you make your KhanAcademy profile you will get to know the experience, which will really be great.

  5. Udemy:udemy

    Major Courses:

    • Android development
    • iOS development
    • Web Development
    • Programming language
    • Game development
    • Design Tools
    • Databases

    Though there are limited till now compared to paid, but those free courses are a lot meaner to learn a new thing. All of them are of high quality course which includes quizzes and exercises too. This also a site where you not only learn programming or development, but also lot more other things almost whatever you want.

So, that’s all about the top 5 sites for getting free programming and other computer related courses. You will surely find what you want to learn about coding in there.

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