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Things you must know before Playing Pokemon Go Android

Today majority of the Population of the world is using android phone for almost every kind of work. It mostly includes their entertainment. And playing games is one of them. But simply playing touch and tap game on your phone is also getting boring. So, the gaming industries are evolving according it. And a new kind of game created known as “Pokémon Go” has been introduced. Pokemon Go is the first officially released Nitendo sanctioned game for iOS and Android. This Pokemon Go game was just released on 6th of July, 2016 and took over the world like the greatest nuclear explosion. Actually, it was officially released in the US and Australia.


Pokemon Go APK can hijack your Phone

Though it is a free game, but it’s not that everyone will get it easily. As, the game is only officially available in limited countries, Pokemon fans (Pokemon Go fans) will try to get through the unofficial means. This method includes the downloading of the APK files for the Android. The risk of downloading the APK file is there in the title, “Pokemon Go APK can hijack your Phone“. Though it’s not that every APK file are malicious. But still many malicious APKs have been made for the most popular apps from the past records. So there is an obvious chance that you will download such malicious files. And We are pretty sure about such things with Pokemon Go too.

Pokemon GO world

Specific APK files of the game contain a malware called DroidJackDroidJack is a kind of android RAT (Remote Access Trojan), which is being widely used for Android hacking. To learn more about DroidJack, you can visit here. If want to learn more about the RATs, then you can visit here. In short, I can only say that RAT is a kind of administrative tool, which can be used to remotely bypass a system’s security to get control over it. Moreover, Due to the unavailability of ‘Pokemon Go’ outside US, Australia and New Zealand, many tutorials on getting the game through third party mediums are created. Due to a lot of demand of game in the whole world, hackers found it easy to spread this virus through such tutorials.

Methods to Prevent Downloading the Malicious APK

  • Should Check App Permission (must check for every application):
    Everytime you install any application on android, it shows all the permissions the app needs from your system. If any of the permission contains the request for the following permissions, then it may be the malicious APP-

    1. For directly calling phone numbers
    2. Edit, read or receive text messages
    3. Record Audio
    4. Read your Web bookmarks, history, etc
    5. About modifying or creating contacts
    6. Changing your network connectivity, like connecting to WiFi
    7. Run at startup
  • Check for the SHA256 Hash of the file:
    You can check for the SHA256 hash code in the file. The original SHA256 hash of the game is 8bf2b0865bef06906cd854492dece202482c04ce9c5e881e02d2b6235661ab67. As this secure Hash code belongs to the original App and there are no updates since, so it’s good not to trust such applications with different hash code.
    To check for the SHA256 hash code and to compare it with other codes, you can use online hash calculators. One of the hash calculators which I recommend is onlinemd5.com.

Actually the best solution to prevent such attack is to never download the game from a third party site. If you want the game without any kind of malware, then you should wait for the best.

Stay Aware of the Surroundings while Playing

We know that the game is too much addicting. And the users will play it like they are in the real Pokemon world. But in reality you should be careful of your surroundings. Don’t keep staring your phone while walking on streets or in a busy area. One way the game helps you to do your daily walk in an interesting way, but on the other hand it can cause you in trouble for not being aware of the surroundings. Since its release, people have gotten so crazy in this game that they are roaming out the like anywhere and anytime. People are getting out midnight and by following the game they reach in a strange area.

 As you’re hooked onto playing it, here’s an article from our friends at positivehealthwellness.com on benefits of playing video games. 

Moreover, due to the huge craze of playing it, people are also capturing many selfies within the game. Those also includes people taking the picture at the wrong moment (like when they are semi-naked) with the Pokemon creatures. 👙

So here’s my advice to not to get into the game with that much craze. Just do the right thing acceptable for your security and your image.


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