Top Subreddits for Programming and Technology Lovers

Reddit can be said the largest and the most reliable the internet community for viewing and rating web stuffs. It can be said an online forum or discussion site or a social media filled with wise people. Though, it is not that people being smart in one topic will always be smart with other stuffs. But, yeah, reddit is not like a world of single minded people, as it has millions of subreddits for 1000s of unique topics. And in this article we are gonna target those subreddits which are related to technology or any programming stuffs. Ultimately these things will be related to all computer stuffs.


So, first, let’s find out why people are searching for subreddits?
Well, there can be several reasons. But, I will just list a few of them, which are the major reasons for people:

  • People want to promote their blog, products or any other material which are related to a specific topic.
  • They are trying to find like minded people(No one is like minded, but yeah, they can at least find people with common interests).
  • People want to learn and discuss their topics with people who are interested with it.
  • Some subreddits are lot entertaining and informative.
  • The Environment is lighter and contents are huge in subreddits than those Facebook or google plus groups.

Well, these are a few basic reasons for people to find or search for subreddits. Now, let’s move to what’s there in a subreddit? There are subscribers, admins, moderators, and other members plus, a bunch of posts submitted by users like you. As, there may be users unlike you too, so you must post something there after thinking and testing it multiple times. If those users don’t like your post, they will down vote it. Though, in real, I never down voted any post, so, I don’t know exactly what makes them down vote it. So, be cautious. And remember that every subreddit has admin(s) who created it and most of them set some rules for their subreddits. If you post something or comment something against those rules, then they can easily ban you from it or maybe you can get shadow banned too, if this happens much more time.

Keeping in mind the above phrases now let’s move to the main thing. Well, what is the main thing here? Is it just a list of subreddits? Well, yeah, but it is not only a simple list, but also has been described with the links to it.

  • Programming Subreddits:

    1. Programming:

      The subreddit is based on mostly programming stuffs and every post submitted there have some sort of code. As the blog is filled with more than 700,000 participants, it will be updated with fresh contents every minute. If you are going to post something there, then just be specific with your topic while it should also follow the rules there.

    2. coding:

      This is a great alternative to programming subreddit and has about 79,000 subscribers for now. Though, the subreddit is also filled with interesting posts, but is a little lesser strict than the programming one.

    3. java:

      The best subreddit for Java professional developers to judge and java beginners to learn. Well, not only to judge and learn, but you can also share your java ideas and tutorials there. The subreddit is always active with at least 30 users, who can interact with you and your posts.

    4. cpp:

      Like the java subreddit, it is the best subreddit for c++ ones. Nothing to think about it, if you love c++ too much.

    5. python:

      Also a programming subreddit for python lovers. Moreover, I guess most of the people are interested in python than other programming languages and hence, the subreddit will have more crowd and less dullness.

    6. django
    7. HTML
    8. ruby
    9. PHP
    10. csharp

    Though, there are lots of more programming subreddits for almost every specific programming language, which you can easily find by just searching it on google. Keyword to search in google : “[programminglanguage name] subreddit”.

  • Other Tech Related Subreddits

    1. Technology:
      • Approx number of subscribers: 5,134,000+
      • Visit here

      As the name says, it is fully based on technology. So, it is obvious that it will be updated with the latest tech news and discussions. The this huge population of like more than 5 million subscribers will surely attract more people like you to subscribe. Not just because of its subscribers’ number, but also for how those lots of subscribers interact with your stuffs.

    2. Android:

      An android subreddit with lots of subscribers who read and post regularly on interesting android topics. Good for you. Everyone loves android I guess.

    3. Apple:

      How many in the world, there are apple fans? It’s not me and maybe not you too. But, maybe you can be too. If you are a fan of apple then, your path is clear.

    4. Software:

      For every kind of software lovers.

    5. Microsoft
    6. Tech
    7. Computers
    8. Google
    9. Hardware

Though, this is the end of  the list for this article, but it is not the end reddit. There are several new subreddits made everyday and can stand for your choice too. SO, try to research more in reddit searches too.

I hope you liked the article and wanna mention something. So, what are you waiting for? Just comment below and please share it with other reddit fans too.

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