Vivo’s new phone with on screen fingerprint scanner!

Qualcomm has finally come up with the most awaited technology for touchscreen phones. The technology that vanishes the home button and leads to a full touch screen with an onscreen fingerprint sensor. Now users won’t have to rely upon the specific home button for the fingerprint detection.

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Vivo is the first client of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology by Qualcomm clearly states that it won’t be possible to cover the entire screen and decision wasn’t taken in lieu of technical aspects. An innovation in technology means an increase in the price of the smartphone, so to cover the entire screen, financial aspects must be taken care. Vivo ensures the users to provide them under display fingerprint sensor smartphones which will be waterproof and dustproof.

Qualcomm also claimed that the sensor is capable of scanning fingerprint from OLED display stacks of up to 1200 µm, 800 µm of a cover glass and 650 µm of Aluminium as an improvement over previous sensors which can scan over 400 µm of glass and aluminum. These sensors come along all new Snapdragon processor and are also compatible with a non-Snapdragon processor.

Physics behind the technology

Piezoelectric effects will be used to radiate and receive an ultrasonic signal. Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. Signals will pass through the OLED screen producing different reflection strengths at the fingerprint ridges and fingerprint valleys generate the fingerprint image and thus achieving fingerprint identification under the display.

Is this similar to the rumored iPhone 8?

Yeah… talking about the technology, the much awaited iphone8 is rumored to have the under display fingerprint sensor but nothing is clear yet. If Apple doesn’t come up with this technology, then VIVO will be the first smartphone to have on-screen fingerprint feature expected to be launched in January’18….


Haha.. congrats code geeks… here’s the technology you had been waiting for 😉
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