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Release Date and Specification of the New Xbox One S 

Xbox One S as said is Sleeker, Slimmer And Sharper!

Microsoft announced Xbox One S available and will be released on August 2nd of this year (2016). This new version of The Xbox One will cost about $399 in the US. -Xbox One S Specs

Actually, the 2TB version of  Xbox One S will cost $399, as for rumors we can also wait for the 1TB and 500GB versions, which may come later at the projected price of $350 and $300 respectively. Though the 2TB version will get more features compared to lower ones. We will discuss about all the features in the below sections. So Continue reading below. 📖

Xbox One vs Xbox One S Specs

Here we will compare the new Xbox One S with older Xbox One which was 1st released in November of 2013 in the US.

Comparing Design and Size-Xbox One S Specs

The new Xbox One S has undoubtedly a better look than other gaming consoles you use. Comparing the size with the old Xbox one, it got a 40% smaller size and has lesser mass. The 2TB Xbox One S comes with an inbuilt stand for better support and can be placed vertically like the PlayStation 4, which wasn’t there in the Xbox One.

It also comes with an inbuilt power supply, so need of any power brick. A power brick takes more space as was in the older Xbox one. So, it can be easily placed comfortably around corners of the house, or near your Television.

Comparing the Value-Xbox One S Specs

The older Xbox one got just a price of $279 at this time of period, which is far more lesser than that of Xbox One S. But, still we are comparing values, so it’s obvious that we should compare their feature and price ratio. Moreover, the initial price of Xbox One at launch was $499 which is like $100 more than that of the newer Xbox One S.

Looking at features with the price we are getting a Hard Drive of 2TB in the Xbox One S, but in Xbox One we have to make with just 500GB. If Size matters for you, then Xbox One S is worth the price.

Comparing the Controller-Xbox One S Specs

You will be able to compare the controllers, only if you touch it yourself.

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One S controller

Xbox One S controller

The difference is not visible, but it’s the touch of the newer controller that makes the change. It’s more sleeker and grippy than before. Moreover the comparison also covers more range and supports Bluetooth with your windows 10 PC and other systems. So, it’s all about the comfort.

Comparing the Features-Xbox One S Specs

Going to the features, the new Xbox One S supports the 4K High Dynamic Range contents. The videos and game will have better color and they can be streamed with full Ultra HD 4K technology too. The movies, the videos, the games everything will look more appealing than before. It will also support the upscaling the game display to 4K!!

Support of HDMI 2.0a is also there to give a better output of 4K 60Hz contents of the videos. But the old Xbox was only capable of HDMI 1.4a with only 30z output. So graphically it’s just awesome and better than the old Xbox One.

Comparing the Performance, Games and everything Else-Xbox One S Specs

Sorry for this comparison topic of performance and games, as there’s no difference in their performance of the 2 consoles and are capable of running the same Xbox One games. So it’s just optional if you are looking for the performance and compatibility of the future games of Xbox One.

Xbox one Games

In real, everything is up to if you are going to buy a gaming console. But I also hope that this article has helped you to understand them better and to know their values.

So, just go for the best and let us know your console choice and your favorite video games in the comment below.

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